1. if you bitch at me about how someone spoiled GoT for you in some way, i’m just going to mock you because it’s a 15 year old book.

    i will always always repost buffy. ALWAYS.


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    Stephen King being Stephen King

    ILU Stephen King

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  2. fellcorbie: for some reason i can’t reply to replies, but ya, only the advance tickets are $15 anymore

  3. oh yeah, definitely invite me to spend $30 to go to one day of a second rate anime convention to see some steampunk anime band i’ve never heard of, that definitely sounds like a fun and not at all creeper-fedora-filled shitshow.

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    This can’t be healthy.

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  4. i post a thing about how to watch the bloodmoon

    we are in love girl reposts and is like WANT TO WATCH THIS TONIGHT… WITH MY LOVE… [39847593874 anime faces]

    and i’m like oh it’s your one week anniversary oh ok that’s

  5. arrestedwesteros:

    Did somebody say… WONDER?